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In English[edit | edit source]

  • Agitprop talks about race in Breadtube, ACAB, and being black in the United States.
  • For Harriet holds interviews with all kinds of Black women who are experts in their field and reviews Black pop culture, especially movies
  • Jessica Kellgren-Fozard talks about Queer history, being deaf, chronic illness, and films her baking challenges with her wife Claudia, all in a wonderful vintage style. Her channel is very diversified, so there's no single topic to follow!
  • Kat Blaque is a Black trans graphic designer who talks about gender, sex, and her art. She also used to make longer history guides, or detailed fact-checking, but has mostly strayed away from the video essays and now vlogs about the latest topics of note.
  • LextraYT is a small Youtuber who streams games and makes longer videos where she reads her Medium posts about gender.
  • Luna oi! is a Vietnamese bi woman who shares explanations about Vietnamese communism and her point of view on a story that is too-often told by the Americans.
  • Lynn The OreO vlogs about the news and adds a few videos about her experience with Black identity.
  • Mad Blender is a leftist Youtuber who makes unfrequent, but very detailed, videos studying the alt-right and fascism.
  • Mexie is a vegan American woman who makes the Positive Leftist News series, a monthly video telling us about leftist victories around the world.
  • Ordinary Snowflake is a small Youtuber who makes videos explaining how to spot people we may dislike (incels, anti-vaxxers, etc.) and how we can interact with them without being self-righteous assholes.
  • Zoe Baker is a disabled trans woman who talks about leftism, marxism, homosexuality and feminism.

In French[edit | edit source]

  • Keyholes & Snapshots parle généralement de ses voyages en tant que femme noire, partageant des conseils pour rester en sécurité dans chaque pays où elle va. En ce moment, COVID-19 oblige, elle parle beaucoup plus de questions afro-féministes en France, à la fois avec de la recherche détaillée (par exemple, sur le racisme médical) ou avec son expérience personnelle (par exemple, son expérience en école de commerce).
  • DesLiberations parle de féminisme et de militantisme, dans sa chaîne toute jeune.
  • SheToutCourt parle de féminisme dans sa série "Qu'est-ce que quoi ?" et y ajoute de nombreux contenus, tels que sa série d'interviews avec des personnes variées qui partagent leur passion.
  • Vivre avec est un youtubeur non-binaire et malade chronique qui parle de handicap, de maladie et de validisme, de questions LGBTQI ainsi que de lapins.
  • Esther Reporter partage chaque mois des bonnes nouvelles du féminisme, et fait des reportages sur des sujets sociaux variés.