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Welcome to NoMenBer![edit | edit source]

A wiki dedicated to all kinds of media and resources made by women and non-binary people.

As defined by Andréa:

nomenber: it's november but you don't read, watch, play, look at or listen to any content wrote, directed, produced, coded, drawn, painted, sketched or played by men.

So go ahead, create all your pages!

The wiki's structure[edit | edit source]

  • One page per subtype, eg. Podcasts about linguistics
  • Each page has 2 categories (usually): one for the content type (eg. Podcasts) and one for the topic (eg. Linguistics)
  • Each page has sections for languages: In English, in French, in Italian, etc.

Existing categories[edit | edit source]

The rules[edit | edit source]

What does "No men" mean?[edit | edit source]

NoMenBer is really how you want to do it - if you want to be super strict and not have a single man involved, you can, if you're okay with teams that have 2 women and one man, you also can. On this wiki, we try to only keep things where only women are visible: movies and games directed by women with a female lead character, shows with no male presenter, books written by a woman, etc. You can feel free to do differently during the month, that's fine! But the resources here are really to discover new women.

Should works by non-binary people be on this wiki?[edit | edit source]

Yep. It's nomenber, not onlywomenber.

Is this anti-men?[edit | edit source]

NoMenBer is pro-women and non-binary people. By eliminating men from our cultural landscapes for one month each year, we can increase our consumption of great content made by women and gender minorities, that we may have missed since most of the popular choices do involve men.